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Embracing the Magic: The Significance of Being Part of a Creative Community

The Magic of Belonging to a Creative Community

In a world brimming with advancing technology, it's easy to lose touch with the essence of creativity and imagination. Yet, nestled within the heart of every aspiring creative is a yearning for a space to express and grow. Being part of a creative community provides a haven where this magic can unfold.

For me, a creative community is like a flourishing garden, where ideas are the seeds and support is the nourishing soil. A place where individuals come together, bound by a shared passion for artistic expression, finding solace in the understanding of like-minded souls. Within this supportive network, inspiration thrives.

The magic of belonging to such a community lies in the encouragement it offers. Criticism is constructive, pushing us to refine our craft, while appreciation kindles the flame of self-confidence. Uniting under a common purpose, members lift each other to greater heights, fostering an atmosphere of growth and resilience. These are the spaces where I grow the most, creatively.

I discovered surface design years ago when I stumbled upon the Make It In Design website. I dipped my toes into my first Winter School back in November, 2016. I loved their teaching platform and went on to complete all their courses and so began my love of surface design. I completed several Winter and Summer Schools and loved them all. It's been a huge learning curve, honing my skills over the years and only now do I feel like I am getting into my groove. This stuff takes time. And patience. It also takes a supportive creative community.

Within a creative community, boundaries blur, and the barriers of individuality dissolve into an ocean of shared passion. Ideas collide, sparking fires of innovation and fostering a nurturing environment for growth. Support and encouragement become the foundation on which aspirations take flight, and the shared pursuit of creative improvement infuses every gathering with a profound sense of purpose. And for me, purpose is so important in the world of expression and community. Creative communities serve as a refuge where it's safe to explore the depths of your expressive self, without fear of judgment.

A few weeks ago I decided to take myself away from social media. Feeding the beast was starving me of my creative spirit and purpose. Because it felt purposeless. I intended to spend several months away because I had lost my desire to create because I felt like I was creating just for the sake of social media. The break away has already helped me refocus and in just this short time, I have created some of my best work. Without the nagging voice of social media beckoning a continuous and often unappreciated production of content , I found a space where I could reconnect with designing for the pure love of it all. I rekindled purpose and my love of design because I gave myself the space and time. It's been hugely liberating.

When the Make It In Design email popped into my inbox this week, it felt full of possibilities and the thought of revisiting the MIID community really inspired me. Purpose, community, connection and creative expression, all wrapped with a bow in their Summer School.

It kicks off today and I can't wait to see what it inspires in me!

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1 Comment

LeAnne Mary
LeAnne Mary
Jul 31, 2023

Yes to our communities. we need them, we breathe them and we get inspired by them!

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