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Being Creatively Well

It's been a while since I've written, and lately, I have been diving into the wonderful world of creativity. I've been giving mine a well-needed tune-up and decided it would be nice to share what I learn with others. Hence the overhaul of my old blog.

I want to explore creativity, how we hold that space, nurture that space and honour that space, internally as much as externally. In pondering this, The Creative Well was born as a place

to either dip into, tap into, or top up our respective creative wells to keep inspiration flowing.

I've been creative ever since I can remember. As a kid, I'd love to draw and paint, write stories and make things with my Mum. She was a seamstress when she was young, so it was pretty standard to see her sewing away every chance she had. I have beautiful memories of the amazing clothes she made for me, sewn and knitted. She was so gifted and I am grateful for those memories that connect me to creativity at such a young age. I was eleven when I lost her to chronic illness and the impact sits with me to this day, half a decade later.

I'm pretty sure that loss was instrumental in my decision to become a nurse. I stayed in the nursing profession for 42 years and only recently left it behind. During those years, my creativity took a huge backstep. I tried hard to balance the stress of the job and still honour my creative spirit but eventually, my creativity was eroded and replaced by a lack of motivation and focus. I kept learning though. Pushing myself to pursue my surface design skills and in hindsight, I am so grateful I stuck with it. This creative outlet has saved me and given me a whole new direction to travel in.

I also began my coaching path toward the end of my nursing career. It took me a couple of years to get through the study and there were times I believed I wasn't going to make it to the end. But that's the beauty of the human spirit. It can step back and take stock and keep on keeping on.

Since starting my coaching career, I've developed a strong desire to weave creativity with coaching to help people rediscover their creative passions, develop self-confidence, set goals and take action toward beginning or recommencing projects so they can successfully finish what they start, and experience that sense of achievement.

The weaving of creativity and coaching has sparked my interest in creative wellness and how important it is to integrate creative wellness into our lives. So what exactly does creative wellness look like?

Creative wellness refers to a state of well-being and fulfilment that arises from engaging in creative activities and nurturing one's artistic expression. It involves fostering and exploring one's creativity to promote mental, emotional, and physical health. Creative wellness encompasses various elements and practices, including:

  1. Artistic Expression: Engaging in activities such as painting, drawing, sculpting, writing, dancing, acting, designing, or playing a musical instrument, allows individuals to express themselves creatively and tap into their imagination.

  2. Creative Exploration: Trying out new art forms or creative endeavours broadens one's perspectives, expands skills, and encourages personal growth. Exploring different mediums, styles, or techniques can be invigorating and inspiring.

  3. Flow and Mindfulness: Immersing oneself in creative activities often leads to a state of flow, where time seems to pass quickly, and one becomes fully absorbed in the task at hand. This mindful engagement enhances focus, reduces stress, and promotes a sense of satisfaction and well-being.

  4. Emotional Release: Artistic expression can provide a healthy outlet for emotions, allowing individuals to process and express their feelings safely and constructively. It can be a means of catharsis and self-discovery.

  5. Self-Reflection and Self-Discovery: Creative practices can encourage introspection and self-reflection, leading to a deeper understanding of oneself. Exploring personal themes and experiences through art can promote self-discovery and personal growth.

  6. Connection and Communication: Engaging in creative activities can foster social connections and a sense of belonging. Participating in group art projects, joining artistic communities, or sharing one's creations with others can facilitate meaningful interactions and mutual inspiration.

  7. Problem-Solving and Innovation: Creativity is closely linked to problem-solving skills and innovative thinking. Engaging in creative pursuits can enhance one's ability to think outside the box, find new perspectives, and approach challenges with a fresh mindset.

  8. Relaxation and Stress Relief: Immersing oneself in creative activities can have a calming and soothing effect on the mind and body. It can serve as a form of relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety.

  9. Personal Fulfillment and Purpose: Engaging in creative endeavours allow individuals to pursue their passions, follow their interests, and find a sense of purpose and fulfilment in their lives. It can contribute to a greater sense of self-worth and satisfaction.

  10. Continuous Growth and Learning: Creative wellness involves a commitment to lifelong learning and growth. Embracing new artistic challenges, seeking feedback, and constantly expanding one's skills and knowledge foster ongoing personal and creative development.

Overall, creative wellness encompasses the nurturing and exploration of one's creativity as a pathway to holistic well-being, personal fulfilment, and self-expression.


Think of your creative mind as a well that needs to be refilled regularly with new ideas and inspiration for it to function at its best.

As I document my creative path and share insights here, I will be circuiting the creative wheel, exploring ways that can help our creative life overflow with wellness.

As creative vessels, we are the buckets that can confidently dip into that reservoir and draw inspiration.

I invite you to join me as this blog fills with tips and tools, video and book recommendations, ideas, conversations and giveaways relating to creative life for anyone seeking to live a more fulfilling creative existence and a more rewarding creative life.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it's all too easy to neglect the wellspring of creativity within us. This invitation serves as a reminder to nurture your artistic side, embrace the power of self-expression, and embark on a quest to fill your well with inspiration, innovation, and joy.

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