Happy Launch Day!


I had originally planned to launch my new site at the end of this month. It marked a significant anniversary for me but one that made my heart a little heavy. It’s no secret that I am a crazy dog lady. Dogs feature heavily in my work and I can’t imagine a world without them in it. July 31st, a few years ago , I lost my little dog to heart disease. She was my best mate, my keeper of secrets, my muse, and my greatest teacher. She is infused through every piece of work I do. But I don’t want to carry a heavy heart. And I know she wouldn’t want me to either. Sometimes we have to reform sadness to gladness and chase after the life we want. And let go of the hard stuff to lighten the load.

My journey down this designing path has been extraordinary and as I continue to learn and grow as a designer and illustrator, I learn and grow as a person. Part of the learning is to celebrate life. Every single moment. And to be grateful for the gifts. The tangible and otherwise. I have another little dog now. And today is his birthday. So to celebrate life, I’m launching this new site into the world on a significant day that carries a much happier tune.

Here’s to new websites, and birthdays, and exciting new ventures and life !